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Grinder mill 200 g

600.00 AED
Grinder mill 200 g -
Herb Mill Cereal Grinding Machine Coffe Grinder Pulverizer


1.Precision, small size, light weight, high efficiency, no dust,clean, simple operation, beautiful shape,more convenient and save laber.
2.Crush groove and the blade of whole stainless steel,the body of Martensitic stainless steel,the real high-speed high-power motors,it reaches to 25000(r/m)
3.It only take one minute to grind kinds of pellet to powder(50-200meshes), uniform and no-loss.
4.Grinding Range:salt,coffee,soybean,spice,grain,wheat,pepper,peanut,tobacoo,herbs and so on.Takes only 10-15seconds,can be compeletly to powder,for the coffee powder, it can melt into water immediately.
5.It is applicable of herb grinding, health care products grinding, food grinding used in clinic, hospital pharmacy shop, Laboratory and family etc. It also can be used for lady herbal mask.
6.This machine is not only ideal grinder for food and herb but also ideal grinder for pearl, chemical, mineral, soil, grain, coal, and other experimental material.


Model: DFT-200
Material of Crush Groove: Martensitic stainless steel
Grind Range: 20g~200g
Working time:30minutes (Grind one time each 1-3 minutes
Interval time:5 minutes
Net Weight: about 4kg
Dimensions of Crush Groove: 13.5x9.5cm
Thickness of powder groove: 2mm
Length of blade: 12.1cm
Dimension of the machine: 16x16x32cm

Operating Steps:

1. Please turn off the power switches before use this machine
2. Open the upper cover( clockwise close, and counterclockwise open).
3. Put the dry herb into the crushing box.
4. Tighten the upper cover.
5. Plug in and open timer switch.
6. When you hear the voice of uniform rolling, that is say the herb has been grinded into powder.
7. Open the cover and pour out the powder.
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