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Save now with amazing prices on great appliances. WELCOME TO STOCKS APPLIANCES   Visit Anwar AlSham Electronics household appliances. A company specializes in dealing with the new electrical appliances (STOCKS of international brands) Our prices are lower than the market by 30% and 40% for one of the following reasons: - 1.The device without carton because its display Item. 2 -There is a simple scratch or damage. We will continually strive to satisfy customers, earn their trust and build long–term relationships. We will know our customers well and deal with them in good faith.


2,500.00 AED
Gaz Cooker WHIRLPOOL -
Your cooking experience

No worries about your safety while cooking whirlpool gas hob and ovens feature a safety system which cuts off the gas supply immediately in the event of flames going out.

XXL Giant Oven & Cooktop

Open and discover the best cooking results.
Wide space for your dishes and different sizes burners.
Versatile 90cm range.
Giant oven & up to 5 different burners.
Made in Italy Good quality and design.

Stylish italian design & improaved features.
Versatile solutiion with good quality materials
Improved design ensuring chef cooking performance
Full Safety

Whirlpool care about safety our gas hob feature a safety system which cuts off the gas supply in the event of flame failure.
Lower Storage Drawer

Extra storage space at the bottom of the cooker that can be used to store pots,pans and other cookware easily within reach
Electric Cooking

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