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For sale UAE Moroccan black soap oil Ala

10.00 AED
For sale UAE Moroccan black soap oil Ala -
Get to know the Moroccan black soap oil Alargan
It is my soap Moroccan natural oil Alargan, is very helpful in moisturizing the skin as it protects and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and tightens the skin especially the skin with repeated use, also restores the Moroccan soap for the skin of his youth and vitality.
* The benefits of the Moroccan soap oil Alargan
1. removes dead skin from the body
2. removes dirt from the body
3. removes toxic fat, which sends foul odors from the body
4. prevents the presence of fungi from the body and handling problems freckles
5. prevents and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
6. purifies the skin deeply and opens the color of dark areas with the unification of color
7. earns skin body strength and immunity of the skin and makes it supple and shiny.
8. gives you smell fragrant and undesirable
* Moroccan soap b Alargan suitable for all skin types Oil
Use the Moroccan soap Ppalarjan method:
The bathroom in the house preparing well and comfortably with the eyes closed all the ports to increase the steam capacity, in order to lighten the skin's pores and sit inside the bathroom of a period of 10-15 minutes in order to heat the skin and the secretion of sweat and open pores of the skin
- Body painted Moroccan soap on all areas of the body, "except for the eyes" and leave for 15-20 minutes until the dips inside the pores of the skin
- After which it is cleaning the body full of Moroccan soap Accessories comes the role of the Moroccan fiber
- Preferably one that helps you during the use of fiber-rich Moroccan definition for a full body scrub areas of the backward and forward, face and neck "lightly" and Sarty yourself how much fat and dirt and dead skin that comes out of the body.
- You can then use the Moroccan soap and rinse the body that your body Tdhenne drops of Argan oil.
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