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butter Shea

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butter Shea  -
Important information about shea butter
Importance ,,, ,,, benefits and cosmetic and therapeutic uses:
First Chi shea butter is used for all women Zjal kids suckled holder Where was it a tree of making Allah (God's gift to humans) .. And who added shea butter to its products Elly of the epidermis, such as creams and Allohnat ,, Johnson & Johnson and Jergens and many other companies companies benefited from butter Shea in support of its products
Whether hair Cmbohat Galleries Okremat to be a n There is a secret in shea butter and notice that these effective products and give results with the percentage of shea butter in a simple not exceeding 1%, let alone if you used a raw material or currencies including lotion or cream and Khalita proportion of butter over h Tstvide Aktar of butter Shea and benefits
The benefits of shea butter for skin:
Removes the white lines and red and cracks of the body and prevent wrinkles and premature facial lines and address and renovate the damaged skin from the sun and protects it from harmful rays and nourishes the skin with vitamin A, E
1. used to treat skin burns and skin
2. works to moisturize the skin where containing fatty acids penetrate the skin and Trdoba
3. Zaida Shea used to treat the effects and stretch marks
4. working on the renewal of skin cells
5. used to treat facial wrinkles and hide and skin
6. used to treat skin infections and eczema
7. shea butter protects the skin and skin from environmental factors and changes the atmosphere and damage
8. used in the removal of make-up (Mickey August) with ease
9. used to manufacture creams to hide the age factor
10. Shea Butter: it is used in the treatment of sunburn
11. Also used in the treatment of diaper rash and inflammation of the area
12. it is used for the treatment of scratches and wounds
13. containing shea butter to resist microbes and factors exciting and skin irritation and palpation
14. contain vitamins a- e Center
15. intervention shea butter in the cosmetics industry such as (Soap industry Allohn- massage oils - shampoo)
16. containing shea butter on the material Cinnamic acid that protect against harmful UV skin and skin
17 - used shea butter moderator and conditioner (hair conditioner)
18. private use moisturizer after shaving for men women with sensitive skin
Method used on the face:
The first thing you clean up your face and Tjviver of water and Tahti of shea butter on the face as much as a grain of chickpeas and Tdlki circular movement of the face for 5-10 minutes and do not forget the neck Dlkiha buttered used once or twice a day
The benefits of shea butter for the face:
1 - the unification of color -2- prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines appear on the face Elly
3 - keeps the skin young people and provide them with vitamins Elly give freshness to the skin and keeps the Botox injection and Mesotherapy
4 - to give him the face and softness that claimed the shows from the first time to use and always Astkhaddmiha on the face and do not forget the neck Ahan you get a neck harmonious with your face and taut and wrinkle-free
5 - removes spots and freckles if a holder Antti SAFE
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