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al saltan tea

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al saltan tea -
The benefits of green tea in the accursed: Contains green tea polyphenols that promote enzyme responsible for dissolving triglycerides, which are supposed to be transported through the bloodstream to the different body tissues for energy production vehicles. But plentiful lead to the accumulation of excess quantities of them to turn into fats and cause weight gain. Therefore, green tea has excellent ability to get rid of the fat that accumulates in the abdomen and buttocks, but in the long run. Green tea gallic acid, which helps to increase the body's metabolism also contains and then store less fat, and caffeine available by working to stimulate the central nervous system to use the fat stored in the body as an energy source, which are accumulated in the mostly middle area also contributes to this in the body get rid of excess water. In addition to these benefits that contains green tea Alkatchenez which works to stimulate the use of muscle cells and liver fatty acids which leads to consume less carbohydrates over time and make the body more tolerant to exercise and thus burn more calories and fat.
The benefits of green tea for the eyes: researcher pointed out, "Chi Bui Bang" A team members University in the Chinese capital of Hong Kong in the study have been published in 2010 that green tea contains some substances that protect the eye of many diseases such as vitamin C, vitamin E, Alcatekin and Alzeiksatthein and lutein All of these antioxidant substances that protect against common eye diseases such as blue water and other eye diseases. It has also proven practical experience on the experimental mice. In another study conducted in 2002 in India by medical institutes proven its ability to protect the lens of white water. In a third study conducted in Korean Chosun University in 2007 proved to be one of the benefits of green tea is its ability to protect the retina from the sun's harmful rays.
The benefits of green tea for the pressure: In a study conducted in Taiwan, researchers discovered that green tea or taking tea Aloolonq for a year, including at least 600 ml per day leads to a reduced risk of high blood pressure by about 65%. There are many studies and many other research can be summarized its findings in that among the benefits of green tea ability to prevent hardening of the arteries and the ability to protect the body if it follows the many salt diet or a lot of sugar also helps to protect the body from strokes caused by high pressure blood and lower blood pressure, including high blood pressure genetic level.
 The benefits of green to the kidneys Tea: produce total stones of deposition and conglomerate some different materials, which include urea, calcium, cystine and the amino acid acid, proved by an American study published in April 1998 that drinking green tea can help reduce the chances of gallstones are especially in women, and through Search practical on a large slice of the patients women aged between 40 years and 89 years, the researchers found that drinking a cup of green tea helps to reduce the overall opportunity stones be 8%. Regarding the urinary tract stones has emerged from a study conducted by the University of Nagoya in Japan in 2005 on the mice that contain green tea antioxidants is the owner of the credit for reducing the chances of urinary tract stones. In addition, the antioxidants contribute to protect the body from heart disease and various cancers, as well as its contribution to the improvement of metabolism as previously mentioned.
The benefits of green tea for cholesterol: green tea a strong relationship to reduce cholesterol, which works to prevent intestinal absorption him at a rate of 89%, as well as being contributes to reduce total cholesterol levels by 11% and reduces bad cholesterol by 16%, and the acid gallic found him It contributes to protect the arteries from clogging by as much as 73%. This is shown by scientific studies that have been made in this regard.
 The benefits of green tea to sex: Contains green tea and thiamine Gansj and caffeine, all of the components of working to increase sexual desire in women, especially in the stages of the low level of sex hormone which infected by the majority of women in the world. Researchers also discovered at Georgetown University, Southwest Texas in the United States that one of the benefits of green tea is its ability to stimulate the influential in the brain libido especially with those who do not consume caffeine regularly, as that green tea ability to mind more than of merger liquidation and think about sex but at the same time, caffeine may interfere with some medications so you should consult your doctor about its use in this regard.
The benefits of green tea for pregnant women: contains many green tea of ​​the necessary vitamins and minerals for pregnant women, as it is rich in zinc, iron and other trace elements, it also contributes to the granting of mind net result of caffeine found him. But doctors noted the need to eat lightly and not a lot of it until the concentration of caffeine in it does not increase has been proven that taking 600 mg of caffeine may result in abortive effects, which is equivalent to 14, Cuba. In all cases, you should consult your doctor about how and what amount can be taken from green tea for maximum benefit and avoid damage.
9. the benefits of green tea in the treatment of constipation: green tea helps to improve digestion and promote bowel regularity because of the encouragement of beneficial bacteria that are resistant to the stomach and the effect of harmful bacteria. At the same time green tea helps to relax the stomach, colon and stomach comfort in general.
The benefits of green tea for hair: In a study conducted in 2006 in the Korean Seoul University and specifically the Faculty of Medicine, the researchers organizers Ali confirmed this study that the acid gallic existing green tea plays a major role in the growth of hair follicles and promote hair follicle growth and reduce cycle death of hair cells rate. It also helps to increase a globulin, a protein associated with the male hormone testosterone that up if it was associated Paljlopulin it does not turn into a bilateral hormone that carries Alheidrutestusteron name and thus resist balding. As that drinking green tea has a close relationship to combat dandruff and psoriasis and it is through the use of shampoo contains green tea. In addition to all of the above contains vitamins task green tea such as vitamin E, vitamin C and Albanthol all working to moisturize and strengthen the hair and protect it from the sun's harmful rays and prevent brittleness. Also it proved useful green tea oil to protect hair from the precipitation and the prevention of germs and fungi that make up the head and increase its luster.
11. the benefits of green tea for skin: irresistible green tea premature aging and diseases of skin, thanks to contain a high content of antioxidants, helping to protect skin from the sun's harmful rays and protect the skin from sunburn and combat the appearance of facial wrinkles and signs of aging and anti skin infections and get rid of love youth. There are also many skin masks which enters the composition of green tea.
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