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Bitfenix Bfa-acl-12rk6-rp 12cm 6 Leds Al

75.00 AED
Bitfenix Bfa-acl-12rk6-rp 12cm 6 Leds Al - BITFENIX BFA-ACL-12RK6-RP 12CM 6 LEDS ALCHEMY LED CONNECT LIT RED – PC MAC LINUX
Product Description

BitFenix BFA-ACL-12RK6-RP 12cm 6 LEDs Alchemy LED Connect Lit Red – PC Mac Linux
Part of the BitFenix Alchemy Premium Modding Series, Alchemy LED Strips are the ideal choice when modding inspiration strikes. These precision manufactured LED Strips come with BitFenix TriBright™ LED Technology for the absolute brightest LED strips available. Alchemy LED Strips come in both chainable Connect and waterproof Aqua, and offer a multitude of lengths and colors, enabling you to bring your modding vision to light.

LED Strips

TriBright™ LED Technology
When only the brightest will do, BitFenix TriBright™ LED Technology gives you the industry’s brightest LED strips. TriBright uses independent ICs to power each LED bulb for maximum brightness.

Precision Manufactured
Alchemy LED Strips are made using a precision SMT manufacturing process, which means the highest quality, enhanced current conduction, and prolonged life.

Chainable Connect Series
Have a special idea that needs an extra-long length of LED strips? No problem. With Alchemy Connect LED Strips, you can connect as many strips together as you need with the only limitation being your power supply’s current.

Waterproof Aqua Series
Want to pimp out your water-cooled rig? Use Alchemy Aqua Series LED Strips, which are completely waterproof and perfect for liquid cooling reservoirs.

High Grade Adhesive
BitFenix Alchemy LED Strips are backed with high-grade adhesive from 3M™, which makes sure that your LED strips will remain where you left them, even when your computer is being moved around.

Multiple Colors and Lengths
No two modding projects are alike, which is why Alchemy LED Strips come in a large variety of colors and lengths.

LED Strip Types

Type Available Lengths (cm) No. of LEDs Available Colors
Alchemy Connect 12 6 Red, Orange, Green, Blue, White
30 15
60 30
Alchemy Aqua 20 6
30 9
50 15

Available LED Colors Red, Green, Blue, Orange, White
LED Type 5050 Top SMD
Angle 120°
Lumens 50-60lm
Voltage (v) 12
Alchemy Connect™ 120mm
LEDs 6
Wattage (W) 1.44
Alchemy Connect™ 30cm
LEDs 15
Wattage (W) 3.6
Alchemy Connect™ 60cm
LEDs 30
Wattage (W) 7.2
Alchemy Aqua™ 20cm
LEDs 6
Wattage (W) 1.44
Alchemy Aqua™ 30cm
LEDs 9
Wattage (W) 2.16
Alchemy Aqua™ 50cm
LEDs 15
Wattage (W) 3.6
Alchemy Connect LED-Strip White BFA-ACL-12WK6-RP
Alchemy Connect LED-Strip White BFA-ACL-30WK15-RP
Alchemy Connect LED-Strip White BFA-ACL-60WK30-RP
Alchemy Connect LED-Strip Red BFA-ACL-12RK6-RP
Alchemy Connect LED-Strip Red BFA-ACL-30RK15-RP
Alchemy Connect LED-Strip Red BFA-ACL-60RK30-RP
Alchemy Connect LED-Strip Green BFA-ACL-12GK6-RP
Alchemy Connect LED-Strip Green BFA-ACL-30GK15-RP
Alchemy Connect LED-Strip Green BFA-ACL-60GK30-RP
Alchemy Connect LED-Strip Blue BFA-ACL-12BK6-RP
Alchemy Connect LED-Strip Blue BFA-ACL-30BK15-RP
Alchemy Connect LED-Strip Blue BFA-ACL-60BK30-RP
Alchemy Connect LED-Strip Orange BFA-ACL-12OK6-RP
Alchemy Connect LED-Strip Orange BFA-ACL-30OK15-RP
Alchemy Connect LED-Strip Orange BFA-ACL-60OK30-RP
Alchemy Aqua LED-Strip White BFA-AAL-20WK6-RP
Alchemy Aqua LED-Strip White BFA-AAL-30WK9-RP
Alchemy Aqua LED-Strip White BFA-AAL-50WK15-RP
Alchemy Aqua LED-Strip Red BFA-AAL-20RK6-RP
Alchemy Aqua LED-Strip Red BFA-AAL-30RK9-RP
Alchemy Aqua LED-Strip Red BFA-AAL-50RK15-RP
Alchemy Aqua LED-Strip Green BFA-AAL-20GK6-RP
Alchemy Aqua LED-Strip Green BFA-AAL-30GK9-RP
Alchemy Aqua LED-Strip Green BFA-AAL-50GK15-RP
Alchemy Aqua LED-Strip Blue BFA-AAL-20BK6-RP
Alchemy Aqua LED-Strip Blue BFA-AAL-30BK9-RP
Alchemy Aqua LED-Strip Blue BFA-AAL-50BK15-RP
Alchemy Aqua LED-Strip Orange BFA-AAL-20OK6-RP
Alchemy Aqua LED-Strip Orange BFA-AAL-30OK9-RP
Alchemy Aqua LED-Strip Orange BFA-AAL-50OK15-R
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