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To whom is suffering of constipation, acidity, colon disease and extra weight, we provide you Edmark slimming kit , slimming Malaysian products; Benefits of Edmark Kit - 1. Helps to reduce weight the 6 to 9 kg in three weeks. 2. Will not feel hungry using Edmark products or fatigue ( Meal Replacement ). 4. Reduce the problems of digestion, colon and acidity. 5. Reduce the ratio of LDL cholesterol in the body. 6. Balancing of acidic and alkaline Level in our body. 7. No Side effect, Approved by Ministry of Health in UAE, and Dubai Municipality.

Edmark Cafe Machine

2,400.00 AED
Edmark Cafe Machine -
Edmark Cafe Machine -
  • Edmark Cafe Machine -
  • Edmark Cafe Machine -
Edmark company provides auto coffee machine to serve some healthy beverages:

+ Ginseng Coffee for rejuvenate and increases energy

+ Red Yeast Coffee to reduce cholesterol

+ Cocollagen hot chocolate for skin beauty.

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