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Yihua 993d+programable soldering station

1,800.00 AED
Yihua 993d+programable soldering station - professional upgraded version programmable/no programmable desoldering rework station
professional programable soldering station with vacuum suction pen


1. Using the touch-screen design, easy to use and quick fashion.
2. Non-programming style:
1) Has ten working channel CH0 ~ CH9 can store various parameters, quickly select parameters according

to IC type.
2) Each channel has time to work, air flow, temperature three parameters, set the parameters according

to IC type, time is set to 0 can not afford to startthe machine.
3. Programmable:
1) Has ten programmable CH0 ~ CH9 working channels, each set up six working section.
2) Can be viewed, set the time for each work period, the amount of wind, temperature, desoldering process

temperature and time meet the performance requirements of the wafer.
4. Table settings menu with password protection function.


1. For a variety of original desoldering, such as: SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA
and so on.
2. Suitable for heat shrink, drying, paint, adhesive removal, thawing, warm-up,
disinfection, plastic welding.
3. For the needs of different wind, heat heating occasions.
4. For Hot Air Rework occasions.
YIHUA 3005D  Power Supply Hits: 44 Yihua 8508d Hot Air Smd Rework Station