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In Dubai and looking for some tasty Iranian food? Look no more as Shahrzad Palace Iranian Restaurant brings you the best tasting Iranian food you've always wanted. Just a 45-minute-drive from Dubai via Khalifa Road near the city border of Fujairah.
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Lobster (Grilled)
Price: 135.00 AED
Marinated in our chef’s favorite sauce & being served with French fries.
Chelo khoresht-e-Rooz (Daily dish)
Price: 33.00 AED
Persian stew dish of the day served with white rice
Baghali polo ba Goosht
Price: 35.00 AED
Steamed broad beans and fresh dill mixed with rice & served with a piece of stewed lamb/chicken.
Estanboli polo
Price: 33.00 AED
Traditional Iranian rice mixed with cut green beans, chopped tomato, spices & a piece of stewed lamb/chicken.
Price: 35.00 AED
Fresh mutton, peas & white beans cooked in a small stone pot.(THU, FRI & SAT LUNCH ONLY)
Meigoo polo
Price: 37.00 AED
Traditional Persian Shrimp Beryani.
Zereshk polo ba Morgh
Price: 33.00 AED
Stewed chicken with rice mixed with Iranian barberries & saffron.
Shahrzad special plate
Price: 85.00 AED
Mixed kabab served with mixed rice & our daily stew dish (khoresht).(for 2 or 4 persons)
Chelo Kabab Kubideh Morgh
Price: 33.00 AED
Minced chicken kabab served with white rice.
Chelo kabab Mumtaz
Price: 45.00 AED
Marinated fillets of lamb & chicken in saffron sauce, Grilled to perfection & served with white rice.
Showing Products 1 - 10 of 26 Products from Shahrzad Palace