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Al Maqtaa Dates are grown on our farms Located around the United Arab Emirates - The dates are grown on a 100% natural environment free from any preservatives ,additives or genetically modified substances . Our farms pride themselves on adopting the best possible practices through out of process from seeding to harvesting to hand picking and packaging the highest quality of dates
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Showing Products 1 - 8 of 8 Products from Al Maqtaa Dates Factory
500 Grams Sleeve Box
Price: 15.00 AED
Pvc 500 Grams Premium Dates
Pvc 1kg Primium Dates
Price: 25.00 AED
All The Primium Dates Of Uae & Saudi
Majhdool Dates 1kg
Price: 65.00 AED
Uae Dates Thermoform 1kg
Choco Dates 150 Grams
Price: 16.00 AED
Choco Dates 80grams
Price: 10.00 AED
Showing Products 1 - 8 of 8 Products from Al Maqtaa Dates Factory