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GALANG LLC was organized on June 25, 1995 building on the experience of its owner Jesus B. Galang on his earlier venture – Hubara Foodstuffs, Sharjah. The company holds Commercial License No. 238255 issued by the Government of Dubai and distributes dried food products with emphasis on dried fruits and noodles. It also carries a variety of Filipino dried food products including bulk dried fruits, biscuits, snacks, nuts and catering pack mango slices which are supplied to hotels. Fruit purees are being distributed to juice factories

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Carboholix contain unique nutrition food range like low carb healthy food, diet food, Low carb food, diabetes food, organic food, low carb pasta and low carb breads which help to improve the human condition or cope with life's daily challenges.

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icaviar Company is the recognized source for the most prestigious Wild Iranian Caviar in the world.for. In such instances, Caviar exalts. Iranian caviar has best quality in the world, because of ecologic of the southern part of Caspian Sea and health standards, GMP and HACCP in all stages of fish processing, handling and transportation, packaging and maintenance of quality worldwide.


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Manufactures,Impoter,Exporter,Wholesalers Of Steel & Aluminium Household Items,Kitchenwares,Cookwares,Foodstuffs,Cosmatics etc.