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Nariman Trading Company is today a successful, popular and looked upon as one of the vital name catering the fastest growing demands of petroleum and petrochemical products distribution companies whose scope covers transportation, storage, distribution, pumping, transferring & metering of liquids. Nariman Trading Company has come a long way since then, from humble origin. To emerge as a significant market force in the UAE’s trading industry. Within a short span of time, we made it a leading company catering to the needs of major oil, petrochemical and transport companies. A wide range of products thoughtfully selected from the world’s renowned companies are being handled to suite every requirements that comes in. Although many things have changed over the year’s one thing that has remained constant is our commitment to the customer’s satisfaction. Nariman Trading Company’s philosophy of putting the customer first is clearly evident from the high quality of products we provide and the needs of the customer making it available within a stones throw of each other. One thing will be adamantly clear to the first time visitor, is our belief that customer satisfaction is always our top priority and everything will be turned up to service, his needs, maintain a quality of service. And above all the best a very competitive price. In all aspects, we compete to continually improve and expand our products offering on the specific requirements of our customers. We have the personnel and expertise to meet all your requirements. We stock huge quantity of products to have on hand when you call. a brief product list is attached to give you the idea of the product we are dealing. If we can be of service to you contact us. We shall be pleased to receive your enquiries and will be delighted to give best of our service and very competitive quote.

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