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Al Basha Adham Gents Salon, SharjahAl Basha Adham Gents Salon is new on UAEShops.com

Cutting hair - hair dyed - beard dyed - mustache dyed - clean Facial Line - skin Cleaning - oil bath , hair - Cream hair Bath - Chrétien permanent for hair - bath - herbal bath

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Al Tawoos Healthy Gents Center L.L.C., SharjahAl Tawoos Healthy Gents Center L.L.C. is new on UAEShops.com

One of the best Gent's salons in Sharjah - where you provide Moroccan bath with herbs by the hands of specialists Moroccans - a special section to clean the facial skin - Trim nails and remove the cracked skin of the sole by the expert hands.

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Kalet Halab Saloon, SharjahKalet Halab Saloon is new on UAEShops.com

We are professional in all kinds of modern hairstyles, Hair coloring, Steam, facial and much more.

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Nazih Gents Saloon, SharjahNazih Gents Saloon is new on UAEShops.com

Established in Lebanon since 1975. - Two branches in the UAE have been established in Dubai 1980, and Sharjah 1996. - Nazih Salon is now one of the best hairdressing salons in this part of the world. The reason why is because it's fully prepared with all required equipments and who work for it is the best and the most qualified hairdressing experts.

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