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UAE Shops - Established in 2002

  • Al Adiyat Real Estate Est . Sharjah

    Residential properties suitable for all income levels, commercial sites suitable for all types of commercial and industrial businesses, in distinct locations, and feasible real estate investments with distinct conditions. Sell - buy - rent - rent - real estate investment.

  • Al Saham Real State Ajman

    Al Saham real State providing Real estate service which includes Buying & Selling and Renting of Property such as building lands and shops in all areas of Ajman in a very reasonable prices .

  • Al Sarraj Trading Est Ajman

    Shops - Flats - Buildings - Properties - buying and selling.

  • Idea Concept Real Estate Fujairah

    Dealing with following properties at Fujairah. 1-Renting Apartment -2- Villas for Families and Bachelors or for Executives Monthly/yearly. 3- Labour Camps. 4- Shops. 5- Ware Houses . Sale Deals -Land and any category-Building - Villas

  • Methaq Real Estate Ajman

    Methaq is a comprehensive real estate service provider offering broad real estate services to individual and institutional clients. We are keen to present passionate real estate professionals that deliver maximum satisfaction with win win win results to all parties. Methaq team is truly exceptional, creative, logical and most importantly trusted & accountable. The strength of Methaq Real Estate lies in its ability to constantly being honest, reliable and works in partnership with clients as a trusted advisor.

  • UAE Eqar Dubai

    We are an online advertising company catering to our clients who wish to advertise their real estate properties, whether they are for rent or sale including buildings, villas, offices, warehouses, apartments and stores. In advertise in one of two ways. The first option is to to advertise including one picture with the description of the property which includes the owners contact information. This option is valid for one year for 100 AED without commission upon sale of the property. Another option our clients can choose from is to advertise any number of properties using our contact information and payment will be based on commission agreed upon between us and the client.

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