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SBFax Server - Fax Management System

SBFax Server - Fax Management System Highlights: - Super G3 V.34/33.6K fax speed - Send/Receive fax on Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia or Windows Mobiles - Send and receive fax directly in Microsoft Outlook - No Fax Cartridges. - No PC required - Fax will be received as email to authorized persons - Up to 100 users can receive fax at same time. - Automatic fax distribution to authorized users. - Fax can be received and send through email. - 100% fax secrecy. - Guarantee fax reaches to concern employee - Users can send fax directly from their own pc without printing it. - Sent fax notification through email. - Complete fax report of every user (incoming and outgoing). - Automatic 2 level of backup facility. - Automatic central monitoring of all incoming and outgoing faxes. - You can still use fax machine parallel for outgoing fax. - Managed address book. - Set fax priority. - Fax server can take max 8000 pages in queue. - Fax server can also print fax on defined network printer. - Faxing via PBX or DID/DDI service. - Remote faxing support For more info: Solutions Bridge PO Box 51422 Sharjah, UAE Telephone No. 067433021 Fax No. 067433025 Email: Website:

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