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Computer Care, Al Ain Center

About us

Computer Care, Al Ain Center Not as massive as the other sprawling Dubai malls, Al Ain Centre is on the smaller side as malls go, however it is well-stocked and visitors can easily find what they need. Stacked with a comprehensive assortment of brands from the commercial to the high-end specialized items, Al Ain Centre offers computer gadgets, merchandises, meticulously displayed in a large number of stores. Marketing almost every possible IT gadget, stores are owned by the locals but managed. Each and every international brand is characterized, with goods up-to-date and current. If you need guidance, the sales staff can provide helpful advice, and are generally techno savvy and will be happy to take you to the right product. Just like other malls of Dubai, Al Ain Centre has corners serving food and beverage outlets to choose from, along with other standard services and stores such as pharmacies and gift shops. Al Ain Centre is centrally located between Trade Center and Bur Dubai and is enclosed by various international banks and a number of hotels. The shopping Centre is most well-known for its “Computer Plaza”, which is the largest specialized shopping Centre in the area and has showrooms selling hardware, computer systems, information technology and related services. The Centre offers more than sixty showrooms specializing in selling computer hardware, business and personal applications and related accessories along with more than forty international companies specializing in computer systems, software and networking. Al Ain Centre offers many promotional and marketing activities in coordination with the companies and establishments in its premises, while it gives a suitable shopping zone for support services like game centers.

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