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Safiyah Jewellers Goldsmith & Jewellers

About us

Established in 1988. It is a company that has been involved in the production and retailing of exclusive jewellery since the very beginning. Be it the simple Arabic designs of those time or the iatrical and contemporary designs of today. We have always strived to deliver absolute customers satisfaction through excellent quality and craftsmanship that is almost perfect. Even today we offer our valued customers an extensive and exclusive range of jewellery in gold and white gold, plain 22ct,21ct and 18ct along with a scintillating collection of handcrafted designs staled with American Diamond. Semi precious stones and diamonds .Most of these designs come from different countries such as Italy, Spain, Singapore, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and others. Apart from these we also undertake designs made to order which are hand made only on order at our own production facility. In addition we have recently introduced two brands of jewellery watches i.e. Chancellor, Swiss and Daniel Hechter, Paris It is these few features along with excellent prices and after sale service that ha enabled us to win customer confidence and satisfy them for such a long years. Because of Safiyah Jewellers GoldSmith & Jewellers we believe that even when a customer buys gold he considers it as an investment and and investment must provide confidence and satisfaction. We are the exclusive dealers of Saudi Products.

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