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Baby Crib Cradle Newborn Movable Biege

Baby Crib Cradle Newborn Movable Portable Nest Crib Baby Travel Bed Beige Product Description: Baby crib cradle newborn movable portable nest crib baby travel bed game bed with mosquito net sleeping bed bassinet Anti-Spit milk mode baby lying down & drinking milk newborn babies are prone to spitting milk, you nee a anti spitting-milk function to tak care of your baby’s stomach. PS. Double shapes belts to keep the bed steady without tilting.Mobile bed design, free in shuttle house baby can go everywhere with you, in your sight within 24 hours.Four gear heights can be changed at will compatible with 99% bed type on the market gear heights bed basket bed height error +2cm. 4th Gear 77cm 3rd Gear 72cm 2nd Gear 67cm 1st Gear 52cm. original mattress German technology hot melt molding high-quality support, use technology to care for the healthy growth of your baby. Active baby is not afraid to bump round bed designs, thickened sponge fillings and safe protection against baby bump. Shading and dustproof mosquito nest blocking the direct lights of the baby’s eyes. The all inclusive mosquito net protects baby tender skin from mosquito bites and the baby sleep more safety.

AED 389

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