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Nextlevel Racingwheel Stand + Logitech27

Next Level Racing Wheel Stand + Logitech G27 @ 2099 AED Next Level Racing Wheel Stand + Logitech G27 @ 2099 AED/- From Game Street Dubai Product Overview Don't just improve your desk or table racing setup with other wheel stands on the market. The Next level Racing Wheel Stand has been designed specifically to give you the full simulator experience. The groundbreaking design* not only looks fantastic but has an adjustable wheel height, puts your gear shifter in the most realistic position as well as an inclined pedal plate for your pedals which is also fully adjustable. - Market leading in terms of design, quality, features and functionality. - Designed and built for maximum rigidity and weighing a solid 13kg. - Folds away in a 1-Step action in less than 5 seconds. - Can stand vertically by itself when folded to be hidden in the cupboard or tucked away horizontally under the bed Features - Dual arm support for rock solid stability (no uncomfortable/annoying pole between your legs) - Fully adjustable steering wheel height - Pedals are situated at a realistic inclined angle and the pedal plate is also fully adjustable to to have your pedals closer or further from you - Perfect and realistic gear shifter position - Rubber protectors for stability as well as protecting your floor - Checker Plated pedal plate - Folds away in less than 5 seconds, easy 1-step action! - The wheelstand has the ability to stand vertically by itself when folded to hide behind a door or can be tucked away horizontally underneath the bed - Comes almost fully assembled so you can start racing in minutes. Compatibility - Suits children from 6 years all the way to 7ft tall adults. - Completely Compatible and predrilled for Logitech, Thrustmaster and Fanatec wheels and includes screws to hardmount. Included -Logitech G27 - Next Level Racing Wheel Stand - Gear shifter adaptor - Screws to hardmount your Logitech, Fanatec or Thrustmaster wheel - Comes almost fully assembled so you will be up and racing in minutes - Tools included for assembly.

AED 2099

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