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UAE Shops - Established in 2002

  • Al Safadi Restaurant Dubai

    opened in Dubai on 15th August 2001in Al Reqqa Street,which is one of the most important area for tourism and shopping. This street celebrates all activities of shopping festival’s and Eid in grand style. Our restaurant has had great success by the grace of God. and we hope to keep serving good food to the people of U.A.E. We serve tasty Lebanese food, grills & fresh raw meat cut’s like Kebbeh, Habra and special steaks with spices and mushrooms. And we also serve all kinds of traditional Lebanese appetizers. We also do free home delivery. We are a well known name in Lebanon with a good reputation of being in the restaurant business for 30 years. Our traditional cuisines have been relished through out Lebanon and now we are here in the U.A.E. The restaurant in Al Reqqa is managed by Mr. Fadi Safadi. For further information they you can contact the address below:

  • Al Safadi Restaurant and Grill Al Ain

    Al Safadi Restaurant & Grill is located in the middle of Al Ain city, in the heart of the trading market in Sh. Khalifa Rd. We are specialist in preparing the best Lebanese food and beverages, in addition to the grills and fresh fish. We also prepare high quality eastern dishes, spicy shwarma, and all kinds of bakes. Add to that the Lebanese fresh Kebba and the raw.

  • Al Sandok Restaurant Dubai

    We cater all your food needs.

  • Al Sawaqi Cafeteria Dubai

    We have the all kinds of meet, fishes sandwiches and vegetable, cheese and chicken. All kinds of fresh and special beverages.

  • Al Tawash Restaurant Dubai

    - The most delicious Arabic And Syrian Food. - Daily miscellaneous dish, Grills, Appetizer, Shwarma, Flafil. - Daily Breakfast meals, bakes, and different kinds of fresh beverages. - Occasions and Invitations. - Free home delivery.

  • Al Yasmeen Al Shami Restaurant Ajman

    We have the most delicious Arabic food - Grill tray with appetizers - grilled platter with appetizers - grills on your own and all kinds of Al Shami and Arabic dishes

  • Al Yemen Mandi Restaurant Sharjah

    Specializing in Mendy -Haned , Makhmod and Mazbi - <br> Our Branches : <br> Dubai- International city -044250587 <br> RAk Branch - 072333230 <br> Dubai Rigga St. -042234440 <br> Dubai Abu Hail St.-042662207 <br> USA - Arizona State - City of Tempe - 6022424656

  • Areej Cafeteria and Shawarma Abu Dhabi

    We have the most delicious Shawarma and all Arabic food - Grill tray with appetizers - grilled platter with appetizers - grills on your own and all kinds of Al Shami and Arabic dishes

  • Babylon Cafeteria & Sweets Fujairah

    We are dealing with all kinds of snacks, bakery items, Cookies, and Lebanese fatair. We also offer free home delivery.

  • Barbar Pastery & Grill Al Ain

    Pizza, Bakery items, Shawarma, all kinds Sandwiches, Appetizers + Salads, Fresh Juices.

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