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  • Aghaz Restaurant Sharjah

    WE are located at Zahra St. We have all kinds of Pakistani and Indian cuisine such as biryani, chicken curry, mutton grills, fresh fish and many more. Also we have opened a new branch in Industrial Area in Sharjah by the name of Al Irsal Restaurant. "FREE HOME DELIVERY"

  • Al Bahar Al Ahmar Restaurant for Mandi Sharjah

    We are One of of the most famous restaurants, Specializing in Mendy and Mazbi in Sharjah Free home delivary .

  • Al Jazaier Restaurant Sharjah

    We are here to serve you. The most delicious Indian, Mughali, Thandour, Continental & Chinese dishes.

  • Al Mukalla New Restaurant Sharjah

    Mukalla is the new restaurant of the most famous restaurants, specializing in Mendy and mazbi in Sharjah Free home delivary .

  • Al Yemen Mandi Restaurant Sharjah

    Specializing in Mendy -Haned , Makhmod and Mazbi - <br> Our Branches : <br> Dubai- International city -044250587 <br> RAk Branch - 072333230 <br> Dubai Rigga St. -042234440 <br> Dubai Abu Hail St.-042662207 <br> USA - Arizona State - City of Tempe - 6022424656

  • Chinese Fork Restaurant Sharjah

    We have all different kinds of Chinese food. - Fresh seafood ....

  • Falafil Al Shahroor Cafeteria Sharjah

    ًWe have a delicious dishes and sandwiches - shawarma - Homos - Fatta - beans - as well as we have all kinds of fresh juices .

  • Halab Al Shahba Restaurant Sharjah

    "Halab Al Shahba" , the name of our restaurant, is also the name of a Syrian City which has a history of over one 1000 years, even before the birth of Jesus ( Eissa ) PBUH. This ancient city is embedded with splendid architecture and it's rich cultural heritage continues to grow even today. Our restaurant cannot match the age of the city but, nevertheless is a good 22 years old. Our expertise in the restaurant business does not just come from the fact that we have been around for a long time and therefore have become experts in the field but,also that the management is controlled by a father and his two sons.

  • Mamas Munchies Sharjah

    Multi-Cuisine - Serves lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks - Flavoured House & Mama's Munchies will provide a combination of quick, tasty and crispy bites at value pricing with various flavoures.

  • Mysore Palace Restaurant Sharjah

    Mysore Palace Restaurant Mysore the legendary city is famous for its beautiful palaces, heritage, salubrious climate and rich flora and fauna. Its traditional culture, hospitality and an assortment of culinary delicacies has earned Mysore a prominent place in the world.

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